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We have some staging tips to put "your best foot forward" to get ahead of your competition and make your place look outstanding. 

Here is our go to list:  De-clutter even if you have to hire a specialist to give you advice.  Buyers want to see a model home with new furnishings and a newly painted interior in off white colors. Keep the walls uncluttered also.  Better to have 1 large picture than several smaller pictures.  Set up the furniture to allow buyers to freely walk around the room.  Neutral furnishings allow buyers to envision their own style furniture in the same space.

Visit a new construction showroom.  You will see that glass and steel tables, along with Danish Modern furniture, gives the room a clean line look.  Find 1 large tall vase that you can put on the floor and add some dried branches that you have painted yourself.  It doesn't have to cost a lot to decorate.

Cleaning is the next important category.  Bathrooms have to be spotless.  Grout may have to be redone.  Living room and bedroom hardwood floors need sanding and replace old carpets with new (neutral color) carpets.  

Buyers want to be presented with a spotless well staged home.  Also, many buyers want the cost of repairs and remodeling built into the mortgage. 

With these tips you will get more money for your home and it will sell faster.